“The event itself is nothing short of remarkable. Your salon is what I needed, to connect with live human beings and just be heard — I humbly thank you for that opportunity” – Paul Ellington (grandson of Duke Ellington)

Welcome to The Salon Dinner. Our gathering is a mash up of symposia and supper club: part think-tank, part banquet. With communities in New York, Los Angeles and Ojai, we share selected hosts of inspirational esteem, forging new patterns of thought and community. We are excited to connect you with your people.

Each table engages in a discussion curated and led by an esteemed host. This leader engages the group in a conversation on a topic of collective interest,  Hosts are welcomed from a broad range of disciplines and areas of expertise. 

Founded by artists and life partners Sophie & Isaac Koren on their honeymoon in Big Sur, the Salon is an invitation to return to a space of community, listening and reflection. It was born in New York City with over a dozen dinners before expanding to Los Angeles and Ojai, California.

“Thought provoking, inspirational and fully charged with multidisciplinary angles, a great way to make change. We cannot stress how much we appreciate the wonderful work you’re doing.”– Plastic Pollution Coalition

While we have retired the Salon for some years now, we may bring her back at a moments notice. If you’d like to participate, email Sophie – sophieward (at) mac (dot) com