Greetings visitor! Because I find it hard to talk about all the great things I’ve experienced and achieved in my life, I’m going to let my imaginary secretary write this part in third-person. She’s a good secretary. 

Sophie Ward is an Australian author and practicing poet whose work has been likened to Anais Nin and T.S. Eliot. She began writing a blog in 2008 on her website Paper Castle Press, which went on to house the equivalent of six novels worth of words in the course of three years. The best of this writing has become her second self-published book Heart of Bold. She is the also the self-published author of The Beginning of an Inexplicable Journey (2011), which found a home on the shelves of BookMarc in Greenwich Village during 2011.

Since meeting her soul mate in a book store on Crosby St in New York City, the author has embarked upon a healing journey fusing motherhood, medicinal foods and shamanism. In 2017 Sophie began her work feeding the birthing community with her thriving business Milk + Seed. She lives in Ojai, California with her beloved husband Isaac and their son Julius, and secretly still loves writing.