(from Sophie’s former blog Paper Castle Press)

“This blog always basically blows my mind. Like literally with a dynamite blowdryer. And then it picks up the pieces and puts them back in their places, but inside out. So that was a weird way of saying that I love it!”

“This form of expression makes my heart so happy.”

“I stopped breathing whilst reading this…so I’d say this is breathtaking! I always want to thank you, so I will (again.) Thank you Sophie.”

“As vast as this online space that is the internet, it is so hard to come by writing that is worth reading.”

“Amazing! This post reflects exactly the way I feel. Thank you Sophie!”

“Thank you for being the strength that some of us need, and forget to look for. We tend to think of only the now and the excitement and thrill of a model’s life and leave ourselves behind, our real selves. We forget how unimportant it is actually, how silly. How temporary. But how fun it can be too. I guess it’s the unknown we are drawn to, we can’t help but be curious. “The cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity” I’ve only read this one post and look forward to reading more. You remind me of me. Weird since I don’t know you, really, or me, really.”

“How is it possible that a writer can inspire an amateur guitarist so much? You inspired me with this post more than the other guitar players who are actually my influences!!! By the way, I wish your novel The Beginning of an Inexplicable Journey will be an inspiration to a lots of people and be a success. I will keep climbing to the top of the mountains of guitar.”

“I love your writing, it is simply a delight to read.”

“Amazing. Somehow I always ended back here when all breaks loose in my head. ”

“I love who you are.”

“Thank you Sophie. I was lucky, because the person I sought answers from for this story turned out to be more generous, worldly and intelligent than I could ever have imagined. I look forward to reading The Beginning of an Inexplicable Journey.”

“It’s just gone 10 am here in Perth, days are really hard to start at the moment, but reading this has made today feel a little easier. Thank you Sophie”

“The ending is amazing. It made me think of the possibility that even here, in my own room there are also dinosaurs, advanced civilizations and myself but older or younger only we live on different membranes. Well at least according to M Theory. If you don’t mind Sophie who is the author?” (The author is me!)

“Your words make me see things with fresh eyes. Thank you.”

“You forever amaze and inspire with your words, thoughts, and wisdom! Every time I come back to visit your site, I feel enlightened and refreshed, my thoughts are provoked, my feelings ignited… Thank you!!”

“The way you talk is very profound and is very similar to those of the philosophers. If you’re interested in movies, I recommend you the legendary american movie director Terrence Malick. His movies talk with the images.” – Alex

“I’ve been out of body several times since I started lucid dreaming but the truth is after I separate from my physical body I have no clue if I’m in my etheric, astral or dream body. And I’ve never actually seen my physical body because it always happened when it was dark but once I had trouble getting my head out although the rest of my body was already floating. I had to use my hands and force it to get out. Anyways the experience is amazing I can tell you that much and if it weren’t for you I might have never had such experiences.”

“You are such a beautiful soul Sophie. I find you are a very interesting and open minded person which is very rare in this conservative world we live in. I wish there were more people like you…”

“I love the way you write very much. I have been stumbling on your blog some time ago, although we don’t know each other and ever since I have been reading it with joy. Every now and then I read books I fall in love with and that’s always because the author writes in a way that goes straight to my heart. You write exactly this way! I’m in love with the way you write”

“Sophie – I’ll start by saying that I have been going through something lately that is both exhilarating and frightening. I believe that I am approaching a precipice and all signs read: “Unknown, radical and imperative jump ahead.” I have been on this leg of my journey for a couple of years now and the other day I stumbled upon your article in V Magazine. Simply put, this blog you have here has, for me anyway, a sort of galvanizing effect. It is a delightful confirmation that there are others out there. It’s not a dream of mine… It’s really, really happening. It’s akin to searching for extra-terrestrial life and finally getting the signal that you’ve been waiting for! Your posts are a source of both inspiration and motivation and I feel as though each one is a message that you speak into an empty can, which then travels along an electric thread and finally lands in the can in my ear. I guess I just want you to know that I’m listening…and that your words are powerful and filled with a wisdom that I understand. I look forward to reading more and isn’t it exciting to know that we are evolving?!”

“It’s funny, when I read your words I can read them so fast as if you were talking them to me, there are no awkward points that usually come with reading (especially reading on a screen) where I pause and have to check a word or…I don’t know, it’s fantastic. It does not happen to me with a lot of writers. Good luck beating the sadness, I feel as if that is all I ever do lately.”

““I saw birds flying when I lay outside just now, and wondered whether they hear some kind of similar music; whether their joy is their flying, their solitude, their communing with the sky, and with all of the other edgeways birds who fly close but not too close, far and not too far.” That is a great line.”

“I have been waiting to read a blog like this, and “The shape of feeling alive” for so very long. Thanks.”

“Sophie, Since graduating university in November of last year with the absolute belief that I would have a job in journalism or PR in no time, and with endless motivation, initiative and love for the world, I have seen the past 6 months fly by with very few job prospects, low finances and new relationships. It has been an extremely trying and desperate time for me, full of dark days. I honestly wondered what the point was during some of the worst days. I am 20 years old, haven’t got a full time job in my industry that I so vitally crave, and don’t see too many lights at the end of my convoluted tunnels. Then – the other night – I read this piece. After I finished, I cried. This is exactly the type of motivation I needed. Not to go job hunting. Not to edit my portfolio. BUT TO SEIZE LIFE! I’d let the negatives of what I didn’t have override the positives of what I do have – a great partner, a stable place to live, health and dreams. I know a job will come. Maybe it will take a while, maybe it will be tomorrow. But in the meantime, I’ll keep returning to this post to quell my worries and move on, seizing the day. Thanks, Soph, for always being my first stop when in need of optimism.”

“Oh Sophie, it’s so rare to find somebody who believes in the intensity of life as much as you do. I don’t know why, but this post reminded me of one of my favourite moments at uni, when my then-tutor told us that Percy Shelley died with a book of Keats’s poetry in his pocket. I have no idea why this revelation stuck in my mind and why it affected me so much, but as I was sitting in the class, I realised I had to go read Keats immediately. And you remind me of him, in the sense that his every word was intense, and filled with such an overwhelming desire to experience life. Have you read his letters? I’ll stop rambling, but I find this post so touching.”

“Congratulations genius.”

“So beautiful. There is so much in what your wrote here to feed the soul.” – AB

“OH! How your mind works! Its so beautiful!!! It really is!”

“YOU have so many creative projects and you DO them. You get out in the world and you do what you want to do! Thats AMAZING! You are still as curious as they day you were born, and THAT, gives me hope and inspires me to RISE ABOVE MEDIOCRITY. I am in charge of my own destiny. You’re extraordinary.”

“Hello there ! Thank you for your wonderful poetic insight, Thank You, Thank you so much for caring for this world and its future. It is a pleasure to know that there are people like you with some common sense. Simple is better, and it is inside you to know what’s best, it is your natural human spark of goodness. I don’t buy any more of that junk. It is really hard to find anything in the grocery store without all that junk it almost seems as if  it has taken over the world. Or is doing it slowly to people without an open mind to reality that money is where you put your decisions on good and evil. Evil = unhealthy. Thank you for telling on them! You are a good human.”

“Hello Sophie, I must say a big, wonderous, warm, familiar, homely thank you for all that you continue give to this big oyster-world. Another way of thinking and viewing the world, your thoughts and crystal wisdom is beyond what the majority ever come to learn about themselves and what the alleyways and underdogs give when you look and listen. You are an amazing human being, and not for the first time do I tell you this, but you are an inspiration to me. I can be anyone when I read your words that are so incredibly sensitive and human, just like me. We are sensitive beings who are born from special people, who somewhere in our upbringing nurture a gene that makes us high voltage to experience, sensation, emotion. You write, I act. When I walk the streets of NYC in a month, I will certainly be thinking of the windows in which writers have crouched and whose pens have bled souls and inspiration has struck – maybe even yours. I will think of how lucky I am to be Me, to be Free, and to be in NYC. Thank you is all I can really say – you’re extraordinary. I love what you do with your brain and your heart.”

“Hey. What I often find fascinating about your blog is that you write using exact words by other people in lengthy passages. These are not your words and yet you “wear” them as your own in certain ways… Often I find I have to check back for the quotation marks to see if it is YOU speaking or someone else you adore. In a way this is a diminishing of Ego almost… which can easily be experienced here as elevating and independent of such trivial aspects as ownership (whether thoughts, words, ideas)… But I find, even while your selections are lovely and always worth reading… that I want to KNOW when precisely Sophie Ward is writing. Like in BOLD lettering!! Is it wrong to want that?”

“The “plastic beauty,” doesn’t help a human being to re-join the Source… Will beauty save the word? Yes, of course… when the beauty streams from your soul and deep inner!”

“Why do I always cry when I read your entries. They come up on my bloglovin and I stop everything I’m doing, or save them away for when I have time to give all my attention to them. Thank you sophie. You deserve all the love in the world.”

“Hello Sophie, Sounds like you are on a Transcendental Journey.. Think you should become a Buddhist & get away from all of that Concrete, can’t be good for the Soul.”

“Brilliant young woman I can’t wait to read your words.”

“Sophie, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now; this moment being the first wherein I’ve decided to comment! I must say, your compositions extending far back to the first entry have always been watered with such beauty and intelligence. It is an immense opportunity for me as a reader to feel as though I’m a fully engaged participant, riding along on your wondrous river raft of thoughts, imagination, and potent intellectualism. Thank you for the inspiration, and I’m elated for the release of your book(s)!”

“Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m constantly uplifted by the way you see the world – and reminded to not let life in the big city drag you down, or take you somewhere you don’t want to be.”

“I like you heaps my life sponge friend.”


“The best of writers grant their readers an escape, from life, in their words, while still, mysteriously, making them ponder life, all along. You are one of them.”

“I never thought of you as sad, just one who thinks very deeply. But, then again, how can one think deeply and not be sad? This is very beautiful Soph.”

“”Stumbled upon your website and I absolutely love it – you’re really quite insightful and so incredibly inspirational. Have a lovely day!”

“Very real writing.”

“One of the main reasons I visit your blog is this: While I plow through my daily challenges, as we all do, I rarely find a voice to lift me from the drudgery with any success. Work is work for me with all the requisite stresses and struggles normally associated with… well, WORK. Somehow you manage to find a voice within your work and lay it out here in the blog… a voice which reconnects me with the passions that delivered me to working on whatever it is I’m working on. You help remind me that I wanted to get to this damned work in the first place… which frankly makes it all much more pleasant. Thanks. A constant reminder, ever vigilant, that it is the doing, not the end result, that matters most.”

“I recently stumbled upon your blog and it’s superb! Quirky and poetic at once. Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me as it’s been a long time since a writer has been able to do that.”

“Hi, Sophie. I think you’re wonderful, intuitive, and a great role model for other young girls. You are for me, anyway. It’s just so refreshing to see someone who’s been in the modeling industry, notorious for being “fake” and “materialistic” to be so grounded and reject a superficial outlook on life. It’s obvious you haven’t lost yourself in the craziness of it all, and that’s very inspiring.”