I am speechless, silent, in awe. When I stop for a moment, my overwhelm becomes a clear message to return to the silence. The gravity of this moment in history presses in on me, and I am focused on the silver lining, deeply aware of the blanketing dark, and the transformation that is happening. I have often wondered what it would take for us to unite as a global family – this is it. I have often wondered what it was like for our ancestors – this is it. I have often wondered what we were capable of – this is it.

Left with the searing flame of awareness, all that there is to do is be still, and simple, and observe. To practice what every mystic has for centuries upon centuries. We are all in this together, forced gently to stare into our own inner abyss, and find what we’ve been looking for all along. There is no need to make sense of anything. We cannot run anymore. We are left only with ourselves, and our flaming, inner life. Have you noticed how rich it is? Have you noticed that your fully expressed joy, radiance and presence is what’s missing from your life?

There is love in the silence.

I’ll meet you there.

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